About Us

About us:

Our philosophy, It is not about us, it is about "u"


UshopOShopping is one of the best parts of our lives and everyone has their favourite way of doing it. Most of us do it online. Life is moving fast, we share more stuff with our best friends on Facebook more than a phone.     

"UShopO" - (You Shop Ooh) is a boutique online outlet dedicated to women clothing, accessories, bags, watches and much more. Every woman will be able to find whatever she needs in our store. UShopO has become a fast-growing, customer-focused online store dedicated to sourcing the highest quality products so that UShopO for your needs at a reasonable price.

We have seen the cost of living is rising, therefore as a family-owned and operated business, we wanted to find a way to reduce costs to ourselves and to the customers all over the world in a way the unnecessary costs are cut and the savings passed on to customers. UShopO began when we asked the ultimate question; "Why are we paying extra to cover the shop's rent and the salespersons' wages when we can shop online and save that money (to buy more stuff!)"   So we decided to start an online store to help our family, our friends and everyone who wants to find the best price with the quality they want.

We operate online only, so you won't pay our rent or any salespersons' wages. We will pass the savings onto you and we'll keep only a small margin to keep us operating.



To be one of the biggest online retailers worldwide selling products for all women of all styles, tastes, shapes and sizes.


Not only to help consumers save money but also to help give them value for every dollar spent.


Care – Improve – keep improving – keep researching – give the best value – save money – connect with customers